How to protect yourself from scams

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Scams trick you into paying money or giving out your personal information. Scammers often pretend to be from trusted organisations. Remember if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Review the information on scams provided by your country’s consumer scamwatch network including advice on how to protect yourself and latest scam alerts. For Australia this is the ACCC at

If you believe you are a victim of a scam or fraudulent activity and did pay money or provide sensitive personal identifying information you can report it to your local police and contact your bank or financial institution for help.

If you did not pay money or provide sensitive personal identifiable information to the scammer, you can still report the scam to your country’s scamwatch network e.g.:

Australia Report |

New Zealand Scams

UK Phishing: Spot and report scam emails, texts, websites and calls

USA Online Safety | USAGov

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