Convert more applicants into great customers

Research shows many businesses lose large numbers of potential customers because of cumbersome application processes. As many as 5 in 10 can drop out before their application is complete.

Accessing a world class digital user interface that evokes a positive impression from the onset, not only creates brand loyalty but will optimise your process, assist in preventing fraud, complying with legislation, driving operational efficiency and increasing conversion.

Animation showing the Frankie Smart UI onboarding screens being customised into different brand colours

Partnering with FrankieOne will see an average increase of 11% in match rates.

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Sceen of mobile Smart UI with the name prefilled
Customer enters personal
information and ID document
Image of ID Biometrics screen in Smart UI
Optional identity document and selfie capture
Screen from mobile Smart UI saying Verified with a big green tick,
KYC is verified instantly, and Biometrics typically within 5 mins
Internal Review
Image of the Frankie Case Management Portal
Result is ready to view in Frankie’s case management portal
Illustration of Name with Verified tick next to it.

Collect and Verify in just a few simple steps

Use our UI screens to collect customer information and verify their identities in one easy self service solution. It is an optimised and responsive user experience that provides secure and quick onboarding for your customers.

Line illustrations of different forms of ID

Verify your customers using the following document types

Passport Local and International

Driver’s licence

National Health ID Card

Prefill Data

Use your existing customer data to prefill fields and streamline the user experience.

By completing an API call to set up the customer profile and then use that applicant reference to automatically prefill existing data into the widget.

A user can review their own information and run checks, triggering review loops as needed. This feature simply skips the initial data gathering to avoid double work for the user.
Image showing a snippet of the Frankie API code
Illustrative graph showing fraud decreasing and customer match rates increasing

Biometric verification

Using Biometrics adds an extra level of protection and fraud management around stolen IDs and impersonation attacks.
We cater for multiple documents to be verified through the following steps.
1. We capture images of a customer's photo ID document to detect whether it is genuine or fraudulent down to the pixel.
2. The User then takes a Selfie or video and we perform liveness checks to verify that the selfie is a live photo before comparing it to the photo in the ID.
3. Using the calculated score based on how similar the two faces are to determine authenticity/ genuineness. Results of these checks are integrated into our case management tool for further evaluation.

Seamless Integration

Onboard your customer’s seamlessly through either desktop or mobile.  
Desktop users are redirected to their mobile device for document capture and biometrics.
Illustrative graph showing customer being directed from desktop Smart UI to mobile Smart UI via text message, link or QR code
Illustrative graph showing customer being directed from desktop Smart UI to mobile Smart UI via text message, link or QR code

Customise by turning on and off screens or data attributes as needed

Customise Styling to fit seamlessly into your existing onboarding flow
Customise content of start and end screens plus customer consent
Custom Progress Bar
Specify the number of attempts an applicant can try new documents
Custom Document types
Recipes of rules and checks that you wish to perform on the customer. You can use your own collection of rules or our industry standard for compliance
Google Address AutoComplete or Manual Entry, or skip address altogether
Minimum and maximum age range
Countries from which passport documents are allowed
Custom setting to determine if you want to do KYC first and only if that fails complete a document check
Turn Biometrics on or off
Image showing the customisability of Smart UI

Hosting Options

Our UI Screens can be embedded into your existing site to seamlessly and securely verify individuals within your onboarding flow without having to spend time on development. This can be done in three ways.
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1. The downloaded widget can be hosted by you directly. You control when you update the service.
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2. The embedded code can point to our hosted library and automatically receive the latest version at all times as we continue to invest in building out a best in class user experience.
3. Using Smart UI provides an optimised user experience that enables secure and quick onboarding for your customers, branded and white-labeled to look like your business but managed and set up to suit your needs.
Onboarding your new customers has never been easier.

Get flexible, fast and user friendly applications in just three easy steps

Obtain Frankie Credentials to authenticate your validation requests. Contact us today.
Fast Personalization. Customise the screens to look and behave as you want
Implement immediately with our embedded web components
All you require to use our Smart UI is access credentials and for a security token to be set up that will allow for a secure integrated verification process, without navigating away from your existing website.
Picture of Smart UI screen and Portal management tool
Case Management Portal

Link Smart UI with the FrankieOne Case Management Portal

With FrankieOne's Case management portal you can effortlessly build a full Unified Customer Profile and access your dashboard to understand your customer's journey, risk profile and behavior.
Take advantage of the power of FrankieOne's automation engine that connects to all your preferred data suppliers, by starting your onboarding process through our Smart UI Screens which seamlessly connect the data and results to our Case Management Portal for further review and action.