Introducing... FrankieOne

No sleepy for Frankie.

Frankie hasn’t slept, this month we’ve been incredibly busy ‘growing’ which has left little time to snooze! Check out some of the exciting updates from Frankie’s world as we hit the ‘growth’ stage of life.

Rebrand: All you need is ONE ‘da da da da daaaa’

As our product branches out to service different sectors with our highly valuable ‘one plug, play all’ capability, it only seemed fitting that we shed the ‘Financial’ from our name. Frankie Financial becomes FrankieOne.

Couple that with our core purpose of connecting many services via one platform, we knew it was time to make a change. We are super proud to be introducing you to FrankieOne, as you only need one Frankie to make a huge impact.

Awards: Frankie takes the stage

No, it's not Hansel or Zoolander that took to the stage this month, it was Frankie. RegTech awarded Frankie as the winner of AccelerateR 2020.  Before we could sit down and take a breath we were also humbly scooping up the Finnies ‘Excellence in RegTech’ award!  If we hadn’t already picked up a ‘fond of Dan Murphy’s’ problem in iso, we were certainly popping the bubbles this month.

Team: Frankie meets Missy

To tie off our November, we grew our team. #frankieproudmoment. Building a product that unlocks the ability to seamlessly onboard customers & drive excellent customer experience is what we do, so we thought it’s hugely important that we do the same in our business by building out a strong customer centric team.

Welcome Missy Anderson, Head of Ops & Partnerships. Missy will have a laser focus on structuring the business for operational excellence & building out a solid framework that ensures our customers & partners are set up for success with Frankie and continue to grow with us. Missy comes from a world of smart tech in numerous roles at Facebook, LinkedIn and HungryHungry.

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