Release notes - 6 April 2023

April 6, 2023

At FrankieOne, we're continuously making our products better for you. We're creating new features and improvements to enhance the user experience, while improving the overall performance of the software. We can't wait for you to see what's new and coming soon. Here are just a few highlights of what's new:

Fraud and AML

  • Introduced Email & Phone fraud check with corresponding risk signals via KYC API
  • Enhanced OneSDK to support Fraud Transaction activities reducing efforts for customers to integrate
  • Enabled KYC Device check via SmartUI - to make integration easier we have included Device fraud checks via SmartUI with OneSDK
  • Created the new Risk Level Unknown for Fraud and AML Risk Rating - This risk rating is returned in edge or rare cases when an unexpected risk level is returned and needs to be investigated
  • Further enhanced our security with multiple updates

Know Your Customers (KYC)

We made improvements in the following areas:


  • Improved OCR Labs consent handling
  • Enhanced one of our existing Asian vendors that currently verifies a Chinese National ID to include the ability to verify multiple Chinese data sources (to achieve a 2x2 match), verify Chinese Passports, and Chinese Drivers license
  • Enabled IDV fix utility to help refresh entities with Biometrics better
  • Removed mismatched scans from IDV Service
  • Improved the DVS connector audit log for error logging in case of more than one document type
  • Made a change to our OCR API to make scanning a file optional in the request, so that customers can run OCR on existing documents where they have already captured the ID scan


  • Added a new column in Uploaded Documents table of the Supporting Documents tab to display the document Uploaded Date in Portal
  • Removed the AML Match Strength column from the PEP/Sanctions tab for customers on Comply Advantage

Smart UI

  • Made improvements to Country of Issue box dropdown height and width in Smart UI
  • Updated Australian Driver License Card Number instructions for Victoria (VIC) to accurately instruct users where to find their Card Number when using Smart UI
  • Updated the default consent language in Smart UI and Portal to align it with recommendations from our data source partners and legal advisor

Know your Business (KYB)

KYB Profile Data

  • Improved search and profile intelligence for Brazil companies to enhance success rates
  • Added ASIC Next Review date to Australian business reports
  • Added CompanyNameInEnglish boxes in international profile response


We've reduced the time the business ownership profile takes to generate, from ~2 minutes down to <15 seconds for 95% of business structures.

What's coming

Aside from the items above, we're also working to release the following soon:

Fraud and AML

Fraud - Enriched phone and email details

We are working to enrich our fraud checks by entity’s phone and email risk. The fraud results will be displayed as part of KYC fraud checks that entity goes through as part of onboarding.

Fraud prevention through our SmartUI

We will be introducing email and phone capture via SmartUI with the option to preload. These additional data points can be used in Fraud Onboarding checks and risk assessments.

Single sign-on (SSO) administration

This feature aims to ease the SSO configuration and administration by allowing nominated users setup and change SSO setup through the portal in the Admin section.


PDF Reports

Individual Verification reports available for download via API and Portal. The content of the report includes:

  • Profile summary including personal information and check summary
  • Summary of KYC checks
  • Summary of ID checks
  • ID document details
  • Summary of Biometrics and OCR reports
  • A summary of AML checks


Refreshed verification flows to simplify the onboarding journey


Continuous KYB API enhancements

Continuous KYB allows you to monitor Australian businesses and be alerted to adverse events, changes to the entity status, updates to ASIC or ABR such as a change of director, and more. We are improving the experience through our API, giving you more control over what you are alerted for and providing these alerts in easier-to-read email notifications for a better user experience.

International KYB v2 search and profile beta

As part of our efforts to improve our KYB API, we will be doing the beta launch of search and profile creation for international businesses. If you are interested in being part of our beta program, please reach out to your customer success manager.

We are confident that these changes will greatly improve your experience, and we encourage you to try out the new features and improvements. As always, if you encounter any issues or have any feedback, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at