Launching oneSDK, we're making fraud detection fast, flexible and frictionless

November 14, 2022

Fraud detection - we’re making it fast, flexible and frictionless.

Enhance your current fraud prevention solution with an additional layer of protection to better protect your business and, more importantly, your customers. Better fraud detection will enable your business to grow quickly and securely by ensuring the right customers are verified and onboarded. We believe this process should be fast, flexible and frictionless. 

FrankieOne has launched our oneSDK, a software development kit (SDK) which, once integrated, enables customers to easily change vendors with no coding and adapt their fraud detection capabilities with minimal dev required. It also ensures that all maintenance and continuous improvements are conducted on your behalf. 

Why do I need enhanced fraud detection?

To grow your business, it's important to establish and maintain trust and mitigate risk to your business and customers. The better your fraud detection signals, the better your chances of building trust, and customer growth. 

With the oneSDK you can easily configure additional signals to:

  • Detect if the document and the image are genuine
  • Extract the data from genuine documents to pre fill fields
  • Perform biometrics to determine liveness using video feed
  • Detect fraud from device characteristics and behavioural biometrics

Placement is key to delivering a low friction experience. The capabilities you enable and your configuration of checks are paramount to delivering a better customer experience.

Performing a document detection and extracting data before onboarding eliminates manual steps for your customers, improving their experience and speeding up the process. Combining this with biometrics checks (behavioural or liveness) before the onboarding process, ensures bad actors will be stopped before a KYC check or onboarding is conducted. It’s a win, win, for you and your customers. 

The added protection layer is also for applicants who require extra verification i.e. if an applicant returns a high risk score or cannot verify their date of birth, you can conduct liveness checks or validate that their licence or passport is genuine. Signals will alert you of suspicious activity including the way they entered their details i.e. cut and paste vs typed or where their IP is located. 

OneSDK. Fast, flexible and frictionless.

FAST. Quick and easy to update your fraud detection solution.

You choose the vendor you want to use and we’ll configure your solution, no dev required. Want to update your fraud detection capabilities? It’s easier than ever with a few lines of code, no additional integrations required.

FLEXIBLE. Future proof your business.

You can build a tailored solution with the right capabilities to suit your business now, knowing when your business needs change, so can your solution, ensuring you remain vigilant to new fraud activities. 

FRICTIONLESS. Onboarding the right customer. 

We’re making it easier to balance a positive customer experience with an effective fraud detection strategy. You define verification criteria and risk scoring for each customer to ensure that the right customers are onboarded, quickly and easily. 


Does oneSDK replace smartUI 

Nope, it enables the additional vendors and capabilities into the UI. They work best together. 

For those without smartUI, oneSDK requires a separate API connection to access the rest of the onboarding and fraud prevention vendors.

How do I configure oneSDK

It uses the same code and recipes as API

Can I enable biometrics first workflows?

Yep! Talk to us if you want to know more about biometrics and workflows

How long does it take to integrate with oneSDK

Not long - one sprint (it's all in the name)

I’m in - how do I get started?

Chat with us about how we can build a tailored fraud detection to help protect and grow your business quickly and safely, and protect your customers. 

If you’re one of our existing customer - lucky you, simply email 

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